Sunriver St George

Sunriver  St George is an active adult (55+) community located on the south west side of St George; just across the Arizona border.  Sunriver continues to be a popular choice for buyers searching for an adult community.  It’s the largest 55+ community in the area and is one of the newest communities as well; they are still building new construction in Sun River.   Most other  55+ communities in St George (and surrounding areas) tend to be smaller and most were competed in the 90’s.  Contrary to popular belief (and as marketed by some online) Entrada is NOT a 55+ community.   So if you’re searching for an exclusive 55+ community in St George Utah and you’d like something built in the past 10 years, SunRiver will likely be top on your list.  You’ll definitely get more bang for your buck on a resale home in Sunriver, most new construction has a reasonable starting price, but once you get to the design center, you can expect to pay $25,000 to $100,000 more in upgrades.  Most buyers will average about $35,000 in typical upgrades in any design center (on a 1500-1700sqft home).  Of course the price goes up with more extravagant choices and/or larger homes.  New construction can be a great option however, if you are unable to find exactly what you’re looking for.  The appeal of a new home is always high on a buyers list.  

So What’s Selling in SunRiver?

Sunriver has never had a problem with selling homes.  New construction or resale, if the price is right…it’s SOLD.  The most coveted and most desired by buyers would be:  newer, private backyard, some view, 3 bedrooms (or 2 and a den), and a 3 car garage.  Homes meeting this criteria is always among the quickest to sell.  Here is a glimpse of the Sunriver real estate market homes for sale and Sunriver homes that sold over the past 2 years:

May 2015 Sunriver St George Homes Sold Market Report

As you’ll notice, the past couple of months have been a little sporadic in sales, but about on track with years past.  Compared to last year, Sunriver is about 8% higher in SOLD homes, year to date.  It’s also interesting to note that the average LIST price in SunRiver is up 3.25% yet the average SALE price is down 2% and right in line with this is the fact that the average days on the market is up 63%.  This is an indicator that sellers are trying to list their homes higher than what buyers are willing to pay.  I do not believe this is an indicator that the Sunriver market is in a “decline” but rather, in a bit of a correction.  Prices are always higher (price per square foot) in Sunriver, so as the market moves up it’s not uncommon for sellers to want to price higher to achieve their maximum.  

I believe the market will hold relatively steady over the rest of the year.  There are buyers looking for homes for sale in Sunriver, so as long as the prices are favorable I expect the selling and prices to remain steady.  

Here is a link for all Sunriver St George Homes For Sale

If you own a Sunriver home, and you’re thinking of selling give Paula Smith a call today!  I’ve got buyers looking in Sunriver for their next home.  If you’re looking to buy, I’m here for you.  Remember, I am an independent agent, I do not represent the Sunriver developer and I can sell both new and resale homes—the only difference is that I represent YOU (the client) NOT the developer.