St George Utah Real Estate Market ReportLet’s take a look at the St George real estate statistics for October 2013. In this report I’ll focus on the Greater St George area, which includes St George, Santa Clara, Ivins, and Washington and this will be for residential sales, with a separate glimpse into land and lots that sold in St George (and greater St George).

Current St George Housing Market Conditions

As of today here are the conditions:
1,148 ACTIVE homes for sale
       **Of the ACTIVE homes for sale, 44 are Short Sales (yes, there are a few of those still around…but not many) and 22 are Foreclosures. This results in only 5.7% of the ACTIVE inventory being of distressed status.

285 PENDING homes
     **Of the 285 PENDING homes, there are 7 that are Foreclosures and 43 that are short sales (it’s not uncommon for the pending short sales to seem high, they can take many months to close and not all of them will have a successful closing—they may end up as a foreclosure).

In the past 30 days there have been 181 SOLD homes (and 1,537 in the past 6 months).
     **of the 181 SOLD homes in the past 30 days 5 were foreclosures and 11 were short sales. This result is 8.8% of the SOLD homes were of distressed status.

Here is an interesting chart which will illustrate the St George market conditions for the past 2 years.

Home Sales in St George Utah Past 2 years

The stability is quite impressive with the sold homes. It appears we are slowing just a bit in comparison to previous months, but a quick look to the same time in previous years demonstrates this is fairly typical as we move into the holiday season. Sales slow, a bit, but they never “stop”. It does appear that November yields a decent amount of sales traditionally; likely the last minute buyers seeking a tax shelter.
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