What’s a St George Utah buyers agent and why will I need one? This question is sometimes best answered by another question, what is a listing agent? Most people understand that a listing agent is an individual hired by the seller to not only market and sell their home, but also offer representation to the seller during the negotiation and escrow period. The listing agent has the sellers’ best interest in mind, and their MAIN goal is to assist the seller and obtain the MOST MONEY possible for the SELLER.

Why is a St George Utah Buyers Agent important?

In the St George Utah real estate market, when a seller lists their home with the listing agent, they have worked out the commission which pays for the listing agent services AND the BUYERS AGENT services (A BUYERS AGENT WILL NOT COST THE BUYER ANY MONEY in a typical transaction). Back to the question, what’s a buyer’s agent? A buyer’s agent in St George has one goal in mind as well, to achieve the best possible price for the BUYER, keeping the BUYERS best interest in mind. A well trained buyers’ agent will be savvy to the current market conditions and understand comparable homes that have sold, which they can analyze and offer a range to assist the buyer in making an informed offer based on these market conditions. Buyers agents will also be aware of inclusions the buyer is able to ask for, a listing agent will usually not point out all of these inclusions as this will affect the sellers’ bottom line.

Remember, the listing agent is not attempting to get YOU the best deal; they are hired to get the most money for the SELLER. BUYERS AGENTS WORK FOR BUYERS.

Buyers agents will offer advice on properties, point out conditions that should be evaluated by a professional, and offer insight to neighborhoods that will be a good match to the criteria the buyer is searching for. If you are relocating, consider a buyers agent to assist you in your property search. Many of my clients plan trips to visit St George with the intention to purchase their next home; together we evaluate their wants and needs for that property. Prior to their arrival, I am able to have a list of homes that are a great match of exactly what they are looking for. This will save us all time so we will not have to look at property that may appear great online, but in person, it’s just not the one. Find ALL MLS listed St George Utah real estate on my St George utah Property Search page. This is a free St George Utah MLS property search.

Real Estate Buyer Agents work for BUYERS. Paula Smith, St George Utah Buyer Agent specialist

If you are not already committed to a buyers agent in St George, give me a call today! I would love the opportunity to assist you in the purchase of your next home. Why not have someone offering you the same representation the seller is getting, best of all; it will cost you NOTHING! Nothing to lose and money to save! Contact Paula Smith