Enjoy St. George trails and pathsThe natural beauty of the city is one of the great reasons to own St. George real estate. St. George maintains an extensive park and trail system so that residents can enjoy the outdoors close to home. The trail system includes those that are paved and those that have a natural surface. The city has a long term vision that these trails will be used for alternative transportation in years to come. Imagine the ability to bike from your St. George real estate home base to work or the market. It will be a great way to get exercise in as a normal part of your daily routine.  

The trail system in St. George is open to pedestrians, bikers, and skaters, including those on skateboards, inline skates, and roller skates. Pedestrians have the right of way. Dogs and other pets are allowed on the trails, as long as they are leashed and their waste is cleaned up. The Temple Quarry Trail is a scenic 2.1 mile long trail. It provides beautiful views of St. George real estate and Green Valley. The Bear Claw Poppy Trail is 5.5 miles long. It can be either an out-and-back trail or an 11.5 mile loop, if you take a few city streets. To view a full list of trail guidelines and find a list of trails and their lengths and amenities, click here.