It’s HOT in St George!  Not only in our recent temps but also in our St George housing market.  Last week was an unusually HOT week for our St George area summer weather, but more interesting has been the surge in home sales that has been going on coupled with the reduced number in inventory which has created high demand. 

St George Utah Home Inventory Levels

Of course the most popular price range is still under $300,000.  Since June 1, 2015 there have been 322 homes that have sold in the Greater St George area.  Here is an illustration with a price breakdown for the amounts that these 322 homes sold for.

St George Home Sale Price Breakdown  

New Construction remains in demand

New Construction has been in high demand.  This is due to the fact that the inventory is very limited; buyers are forced to build in order to get the type of home they are looking for.  Of the 322 homes that sold since June 1, 2015, 75 of these homes were new construction (or 23% of the homes sold are new construction).   It’s best to use a buyer’s agent when purchasing a new construction, if you’re purchasing from the agent on site, you’re essentially purchasing with limited representation.  Remember, those agents represent the SELLER.  Their job is to sell the developers homes, so they will not be working in the best interest and will not be working exclusively for you, the buyer.  THERE IS NO ADDED COST FOR USING YOUR OWN BUYERS AGENT.  Buyers agents represent the buyer and there are no costs and nothing is added to the price of the home when using a buyer’s agent.  If you were in a lawsuit with another party, you wouldn’t use their lawyer—it really makes no sense to be represented by someone who is not looking out exclusively for you. 

SunRiver St George Home Sales

Sunriver is a 55+ community here in St George and the market in Sunriver remains consistent.  There have been 19 homes sold since June 1, 2015 and of those, 8 were new construction.    It’s also interesting to note that of the 19 homes sold in SunRiver St George 13 were sold at $300,000 and above.  This indicates that 68% of sold Sunriver homes are sold for over $300,000.  This is fairly typical for Sunriver, they are usually priced higher when referencing price per square foot in comparison to the rest of St George, but when you purchase in Sunriver, you’re purchasing a lifestyle first and within that, a home.  The amenities in Sunriver far surpass other 55+ communities here in St George.   Currently there are 43 homes for sale in Sunriver with 9 of them being spec  homes (new construction).  Here as well, this number is rather low in comparison to typical inventory levels.  If you’ve got a home to sell in Sunriver, contact Paula Smith—now is a great time to get it listed as I have a number of buyers looking for the right home.  

Are you considering relocating to St George?

If you’re seriously thinking about relocating to the area, and you’d like to come out I have an incentive for you!  I’ll cover the costs for you to visit.  Sound interesting?  If you come out to St George to evaluate the area, and you use Paula Smith as your exclusive agent, if you decide to purchase I will give you $500 at closing which will offset the cost to come out for a visit.  What’s the catch?  There is none.  You can NOT be working and/or committed with another agent and you simply have to let me know you’ll be visiting and you’d like this credit if you purchase.   I’ll work for you as your agent and set up appointments at homes that could be of interest.  Should you decide to make an offer and have a successful closing, I’ll credit you $500 at closing.  There are no obligations, and should you decide not to purchase out here you will not receive the $500 credit.  Why not plan a trip to St George? This applies to new construction as well, even if you’re staying at the Sunriver Villas, you are still entitled to use a buyer’s agent if you decide to purchase.  And the best part is that you’ll have an agent representing you. 

Contact Paula Smith for complete details, offer good through October, 2015, for new clients only.  Subject to early termination.  

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