Help Understanding the Requirements on St. George Vacation Homes

Learn about rules for St. George vacation homes before you buy.Right now, a big debate in the area is St. George vacation homes and short term rentals. Online services like AirBnB and VBRO provide a platform for homeowners to rent their homes, or rooms in their homes, to short term renters who are often vacationers. While the services are very convenient, local authorities cite concerns about safety, trash, parking, and property values. Currently, most cities within Washington County do not allow homeowners to rent out their houses or rooms in their home for short stays of a few days or weeks. The exception is in designated zones for nightly rentals.

St. George Short Term Rentals Are Available Only in Designated Areas

If you think you might want to rent out your home on a short term basis, be sure to understand local rules and ordinances concerning St. George short term rentals. In St. George, some of the designated areas are Las Palmas, Sports Village, Inn of Entrada, Estancia, Blackrock Condos (this particular community requires a one-month minimum), Ledges of St. George, and Escapes at the Ledges. Paradise Village is designated for short-term rentals in Santa Clara, Coral Ridge in Washington, Encanto Resort in Ivins, and Retreat at Sand Hollow in Hurricane. Hurricane is more lenient on short term rentals, and while they do allow short term, several rules go along with it. Otherwise, homes may be rented out for six months at a minimum. However, many areas may require a year. Keep in mind that HOAs have their own rules, which will supersede city ordinances. There is time after an offer is accepted, during due diligence, for potential buyers to check on HOA requirements. Be sure to do your research on St. George vacation homes before buying.

Potential buyers who want to find somewhere to rent while searching for the right home may find it difficult locating a rental right now, as the rental inventory is meager. Because of the long minimum stay requirements, many home buyers end up doing a short term rental at one of the communities mentioned above. Are you thinking of purchasing a home in the St George area? I’d love to show you the perfect home. If you have questions about short term rentals or vacation homes, please contact Paula Smith or call 435.773.3751.