Read up on weather and amenities around St. George homes.

When I meet with clients who are searching the area for St. George homes, they typically want to know some basic information about the weather in the city and surrounding communities, as well as cost of living.

Located in the desert, St. George is somewhat hotter than the rest of the state, with fairly mild winters. The hottest month is July, with highs around 101 degrees. December is typically the coldest, with a high of 51.9 degrees and a low of 30.6. Rain is common throughout the year, and there can be some snow in December, January, and February (though if it actually sticks, it usually only stays for a couple of hours). The elevation is 2,860 feet.

St. George is the county seat of Washington County and the most populous city in the area. The median house price is around $220,000. We usually estimate about 1% of the assessed value of the house for property taxes. Keep in mind that the assessed value is not necessarily the same as the price you end up paying for a house. If the house is your primary residence, meaning that you live there full time, you pay 55% of the taxes. For vacation homes, owners pay the full taxes.

Residents of the city find great shopping at Red Cliffs Mall and the Shoppes at Zion. Excellent healthcare is available at Dixie Regional Medical Center, which is an Intermountain Hospital. There are many community festivals, from the Dixie Roundup Rodeo to the St. George Ironman to St. George Arts Festival.

Overall, the cost of living for those who own St. George homes is 5% lower than the national average, and significantly lower than many other large cities.

Historic Santa Clara Real Estate Hosts Swiss Days Every September

To the west of St. George is the charming, historic city of Santa Clara. Each September, the city celebrates Swiss Days, to honor the first settlers in the area, many of whom were members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from Switzerland. Frei's Fruit Market is a local institution, founded in 1956 and they are very popular for purchasing locally grown fruit and vegetables. It's open from Memorial Day through mid-December.

The weather in Santa Clara Utah is similar to St. George, and the elevation is 2,762 feet. Utilities cost well below average, while other necessities like transportation and groceries are also below average. Find Santa Clara real estate with both historic homes and spacious new construction.

If You Love the Outdoors, Check out Ivins Real Estate

Ivins is another lovely city to the north and west of St. George. The city is nestled against the Red Mountains, and Snow Canyon State Park is in your backyard. It's an ideal place for people who love to be outdoors. The newly opened Vista School is a public charter school that goes from kindergarten through eighth grade. The school is dedicated to providing students with a well-rounded education, emphasizing academics, the arts, and technology. The Southern Utah Veterans Home is a new, state of the art facility to provide treatment to veterans in need of long-term care. Ivins is also home to Tuacahn Center for the Arts, which stages performances in its outdoor amphitheater, including the Christmas Festival of Lights and there is also a charter high school within Tuacahn.

The median price of Ivins real estate is around $238,000, which is somewhat above the national average. The cost of living in Ivins is also a bit above the national average because of its housing prices. However, as in the other cities in the area, costs for groceries and healthcare are less than average. Weather and elevation are similar to St. George.

Washington Real Estate Offers Quiet, Rural Living

Washington lies to the east of I-15 and still retains a lot of its rural feel. It was once a cotton growing area, though the city has been developing rapidly in the past couple of decades. However, it's still possible to find Washington real estate that is just waiting for someone to come and build their dream house on it.

Choose Hurricane Real Estate for a Country Lifestyle

Hurricane is north and east of St. George, about a 20 minute drive away. It is still the most rural of all the cities and is a very safe place. The city is expanding, with new construction of Hurricane real estate in turn attracting more businesses into the area. Hurricane has similar weather to St. George but is at a somewhat higher elevation at 3,248. The median home price is $202,000, which is a bit higher than the national average. As we have seen in the other cities, utilities, groceries, health care and transportation are all less than average.

Paula Smith RealtyPath St George

I hope this overview helps any potential new residents gain a feel for the different cities and areas around St George. My name is Paula Smith, and I would be happy to speak more in depth on any of these cities. Please contact me for more information or call 435.773.3751.