Bloomington Hills is a neighborhood within St. George Utah. It is located to the east (and slightly north) of Bloomington. In the early 80's, Bloomington was considered "the place to be" by residents. Bloomington Hills was considered more of an affordable second choice option. Now, Bloomington Hills is a beautiful, equally desired neighborhood.

Bloomington Hills is built around the city golf course, St George Golf Club, which the city took over in 1983. This course features a par 73, 18 hole course and is approximately 7,200 yards. The par 3's are said to be the most difficult in Washington County, with at least 190 yards on average. Like neighboring Bloomington, homes can be purchased (and a few lots remain) directly on the course, or you can purchase away from the golf course. Bloomington Hills has many neighborhood amenities such as parks and trails.

There's an area near the golf course which offers Condo or Townhome style living. Most lot sizes are approximately a quarter acre. Since Bloomington Hills is literally built up on a hill, many residents can enjoy a spectacular view of the golf course, entire valley, and nearby red mountains which Southern Utah is famous for. It's ironic that Bloomington Hills came as a "second choice" to Bloomington, when you have the privilege to see such an incredible view from your property – it seems to me that this would invite more popularity. I suppose the residents who "settled" for the more "affordable" option don't have much to regret.

Homes For Sale in Bloomington Hills St George Utah

Trails are existing and new trail plans are currently underway for Bloomington Hills. It's a great place to live if you are an outdoor enthusiast. There is a wonderful pond off the golf course filled with ducks, swans and other wildlife for visitors to enjoy a peaceful resting spot. Neighbors are outgoing and friendly, but you can find this throughout the entire St George area, which is part of the charm. The "small town" feel packed with big city amenities is what Bloomington Hills and St George have to offer.

Overall, this neighborhood is a desirable place to call home. New schools have opened in the area and students can enjoy the close proximity to the school as well as enjoying the new construction and modern amenities it brings.

Affordable homes or luxury living are available in this community. If you are interested in locating a home in this community, visit my St George Property Search page. Should you be interested in selling your Bloomington Hills property, Contact Paula Smith and allow me to present a current market analysis on your home.