Utilities in St George Utah Comparison

St George Utah Utility RatesThe cost of living is an important factor when considering a move to a new area. 

Here is a good question:

A lot of people ask about utilities. They want to know the difference in pricing for our areas. 

St George City features 2 utility areas—City of St George (which handles power, water, sewer, trash) however, some areas will fall into Dixie Power.  Dixie Power is quite desirable due to the lower cost (among the least expensive in the nation).  Dixie Power service area is anything East (to Sand Hollow Reservoir) or South of the Virgin River and including the Bloomington & Sunriver subdivision (Virgin River cuts through Bloomington).  https://www.dixiepower.com/services/service-areas/

What are the rates for Dixie Power in St George?

Dixie power rates are $25/mo plus $.059/kWh (as of Sep 2017) the remaining utilities will be provided by each city designated utility office (for water, sewer, trash etc…).


What are the utility rates for St George Utah?

City of St George rates are $15.65/mo plus $.075 per kWh (and then $.081 if you go over 800 kWh)St George Utah Cost of Living

Water is $24.72/mo (based on typical meter size) and the first 5000 gal are included. 5001-10,000 is $1.18 per 1000 gal.  10,001-15,000 is $1.30 per 1000 gal.  

Garbage rate is $11.85/mo and Sewer is $10.68/mo


What are the utility rates for Ivins, Utah?

Ivins is on Rocky Mountain Power and the rates are:  $8/mo and  $.088 per kWh for the first 400kWh used (and then .115 per kWh for the next 600 kWh).  $75/mo is the flat rate for water, sewer, and trash, and then rates are charged per 1,000 gallons of water. 


What are the utility rates for Santa Clara, Utah?

City of Santa Clara rates are:  $20/mo plus $.0874 for the first 500 kWh and $.0885 for the next 1000 kWh.

Water for Santa Clara has a base price of $32/mo.  0-5000 gallons is included in the base price.  5001-9000= $.50 per 1000 gal  9001-16000 is $1.03 per 1000 gal. 


What are the utility rates for Washington City, Utah?

Washington City rates are $16.50/mo and $.0840/kWh (for first 800kWh) and $.0987 for next 700kWh

Water is $18.25/mo. and 0-5000 is $1.10 per 1000 gal.  5001-10,000 is $1.20 per 1000 gal. 10,001-15,000 is $1.30 per 1000 gal. 


Garbage is $13/mo

What is the cost of living in St George Utah?

Overall the area is quite affordable for utility rates and homes will typically average around $250 per month for all utilities (depending on size, age and of course individual usage).   Summers are warmer, so the electric bill will be higher as demand for central air increases, and in the colder winter months the gas bill will be higher as demand for heating increases.  (Most homes are set up with gas and electric, some homes are only electric). We have a few months out of the year when most residents won’t need to use heat or A/C at all—you’ll likely enjoy an electric bill of less than $100 (my December power bill was $85).  Newer homes will usually offer more efficiency, simply due to building standards increasing over the years to provide more efficiency; however, many owners have opted to increase efficiency by adding insulation or upgrading/replacing windows. 

Paula Smith Realtor St George UtahIf you’re thinking of making an offer on a St George home (or surrounding area) you can always ask for a copy of utility bill averages and review that as part of your due diligence.  If you’re looking for a home to purchase, or you’ve got one to sell, contact Paula Smith of RealtyPath today.  Allow me to earn your business and offer extraordinary care of your transaction while utilizing a technologically advanced approach to assist you with buying and selling.