The Most Important Thing to Remember When Touring St. George New Construction Homes

Hire a Buyers AgentConstruction is booming in St. George right now.  There are many great reasons to check out St. George Utah new construction homes.  First of all, new homes are built with the latest safety and quality standards.  You have the ability to work with the builder or design center to select colors, flooring, and fixtures throughout the house so that you can decorate it precisely to your taste.  New construction also offers many different floor plans to choose from, which means you can customize your new St. George home to suit your needs and lifestyle.  Entertain a lot?  Go with a formal dining room!  Work from home?  Have a dedicated home office, the possiblities area endless.

Why You Should Hire an Independent Agent When Buying a St. George Home

One thing to consider when you’re checking out St. George new construction communities and previewing available homes, is whether you want a real estate agent to represent you.  Of course, there will be sales agents at the office.  They will probably have helpful information about the choices available to you when it comes to floor plans and fixtures as well as informing you of the community’s amenities.  However, you must remember that these agents work for the development company.  No matter how helpful they are, they are working on the developers’ behalf to get the best deal from their point of view.  They will, of course, be honest and informative, but they are not working for buyers.

As a buyer, you want an agent who is on your team, someone who is working to get you the best deal on a new home.  To get that, you need to work with an independent agent, not someone hired by the developer to sell houses.  It is at this stage is where I can help home buyers.  It’s my job to collect all the information on the development, good and not so good, and assist you with making an informed decision.  You will not save any money by going with the agents at the sales office, but I can match or beat any deal they offer you.  Also, buyers agents will NOT cost you any money.  When a home (new construction or resale) is listed, the seller has already set up payment for the listing agent and the buyer's agent.  Working directly with the listing agent means merely the listing agent makes twice as much money.

What I do, that sets me apart from the agents at the sales office, is that I continue to assist you all the way through the build.  I attend the design center with you and offer tips and advice as to selections or decisions that can save you money if you wait and do it after closing.  I will also visit the build site and send progression photos along the way.  There have been many times where I have done this, and we were able to catch mistakes early on, allowing for an easy correction (this is especially helpful if you're having your home built and you live out of the area).  I've been renovating and building all of my adult life and grew up in the business, so I'm knowledgeable about the process.  Builders seem to prefer outside agents stay out of the way, but honestly, it's because we know the rules and we can point this out to the client.   Keep in mind, the agents that represent the builders are usually Board member agents, and while they may (unethically and illegally) tell you that you'll save money by going with them, this is just not true.  The only difference is that they can control the entire situation, that...and they make double the commission if you go direct. 

Paula Smith of RealtyPath St GeorgeMy name is Paula Smith, and I would be more than happy to work with you and help you find the right home in St. George, at the best possible price.  Please Contact Paula Smith for more information or call 435.773.3751.