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The City of St. George Utah settled in 1861 is located in Southwest Utah only a few miles north of the Arizona border and it is the most populated (72,897 residents according to the 2010 census) area within Washington County. The city is quite large at almost 65sqmi and the elevation in St George Utah is 2,860 however the elevation will rise the further north you travel. The iconic red mountains and bright blue skys will greet you moments after crossing the Arizona border and off to the NorthEast you’ll catch a glimpse of Zion.

Weather in St George

Our lower elevation and southern location allows St George to enjoy the warmest weather in the state and St George is the only area in Utah where palm trees and other tropical vegetation can grow. Does it snow in St George? The short answer: No. Once or twice a year we may receive an occasional snow storm of sorts, where the snow will fall and actually stick to the ground but this is very rare. If we are lucky and storm rolls in as the sun sets, we could wake up to a few inches on the ground—but you’ve got to be an early bird to witness it! As soon as the sun begins to shine (which it does over 300 days of the year) the snow will rapidly melt away and is usually gone from the streets in 2 hours or less. It may stick a little longer on grass or elevated surfaces on a northern exposure. Keep in mind, this type of event has occurred in Las Vegas as well, and almost as frequently. Our weather in St George does not vary much from Las Vegas.

Does It Snow In St George Utah?

Our temps run fairly average with the coldest month being January (with an average of 55 high and 29 low) and the warmest month being July at an average high of 100 and an average low at 70. The summer marks the most notable difference in comparison to neighboring Arizona (which I did live in AZ for about 8 years) WE COOL DOWN AT NIGHT! Arizona summers have almost no difference between day and night. It’s 110 at 2pm and 110 at 4am! The weather in St George Utah has an extreme advantage of offering cooler temps begin as soon as the sun sets. While it may be hot in mid-day you can enjoy a walk at dusk without having a heat stroke! The winters are cooler during the day, however when the sun is shining you’d never guess the temperature. It may show 40 degrees but if you’re standing in the sun and there is no wind, you’ll become very warm and if you’re wearing a heavy jacket you’ll be downright hot. Personally, I do not own a usually large or heavy coat. Long sleeves and a sweater work just fine and if it’s too cold (or there is a bit of wind) I'll add a slightly warmer coat.

Relocating to St George Utah

Overall St George is a very friendly community filled with all of the desired amenities and shopping offered in larger cities, yet still maintains the small town feel. It’s not uncommon for a trip to the mailbox to take 15 minutes; you’ll likely bump into a neighbor and friendly conversation will surly ensue. Residents tend to watch out for each other and since many homes are second homes or vacation homes, it won’t be difficult to find a neighbor willing to keep an eye on your property. Shortly after moving here, I received a call from my neighbor asking “are you okay?” “Yes, why do you ask?” I replied with a puzzled tone in my voice. “Well, I see there are a few newspapers in your driveway and I wanted to check on you”. Of course I had to admit I was fine, just lazy! But after this call, I knew then that this was a special place to live and after being here for the past 7 years, relocating from California to St George, we’ve never been happier.

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