St George Utah Condo For Sale

If you're looking for a condo or townhouse for sale in St George Utah, check out the list below. A condo is traditionally a home where there is another unit above you or below you. Essentially, you only own the property from the inside walls. A Townhouse is a unit that may be attached on the side(s) to another home, however you actually own the roof.

What is the Difference Between a Condo and a Townhouse?

Townhomes and Condos are usually maintained through an association or HOA which will add an additional payment each month. Every association is different and may include amenities within the dues. Be sure to understand exactly what is included; some association dues may seem high, but if they include amenities or utilities you'll have to pay anyway, you may realize that the cost is not much different. For instance, an association may include water, cable, and exterior insurance...all of which are expenses you'll have no matter the home you purchase. Keep in mind however; associations will maintain particular rules and guidelines above and beyond city ordinance.

Can I Get a Loan on a Condo or Townhouse?

Typically obtaining financing on a "condo" is more challenging than a Townhouse, so be sure to check with your lender to determine the difference. If you need a referral for a local lender, contact Paula Smith today!  Find all MLS listed St George condos for sale on the list below including foreclosures, or use the search box above for a more advanced search. 

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