Hurricane Utah Real Estate

Hurricane, Utah is a city located with in Washington County. Hurricane is a neighboring city to St George Utah and is approximately 15 miles to the east of St George. The city is pronounced "Hur-a-Kun" by the locals, which sounds similar to the British pronunciation. According to the city’s history, the name was derived from original settlers to the region. When a gale forced wind blew the top off of the buggy they were traveling in, they decided to call it "Hurricane Hill".

Wikipedia shows the original settler, Erastus Snow, was who decided on the name. Research also shows Erastus Snow was originally from Vermont, however, served a mission in Scandinavia. Additional research shows that Scandinavians pronounce the latter portion of the word Hurricane as "kan" which could possibly be an indication as to how the unusual pronunciation may have been started from a Vermont native. Long time locals know this story of the Hurricane type wind, yet continue to use the pronunciation of "Hur-a-Kun".

The Hurricane City boundary is actually larger in size than neighboring St George, however it is less populated. Hurricane has experienced a population explosion similar to St George. New construction, both residential and commercial, can be found on most every corner. Hurricane has a new hospital being constructed, once open I expect the population to increase at a rapid pace. Hurricane recently opened a new Instacare facility and has been well received by the residents. Hurricane, Utah real estate is competitive with St George. Prices can be slightly less expensive; however it may be easier to find a larger parcel in Hurricane as opposed to St George. Old farms and dilapidated buildings are being cleared and the revitalization is underway. Hurricane has been cautious about conserving the old time charm, which can be appreciated around Main Street. It’s a city embracing growth and accommodating residents and visitors while not losing the quaint atmosphere and "small town feel" that makes Hurricane so special. If you are looking for a great place to visit or a wonderful place to call home…consider Hurricane Utah. With nearby amenities including Quail Lake, Sand Hollow Lake, Zion National Park, or limitless ATV trails out your backdoor…this is Hurricane Utah. The city is beautiful, the views and surroundings are amazing, and the residents are Utah’s finest, come find out for yourself.

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