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March 4, 2014

March 2014 St George Housing Market Stats Report

The St George real estate market is historically right on track. They say “history repeats itself” and in the case of our market, this appears to be true. The graph below does a great job with illustrating conditions over the past 3 years. You’ll notice that we tend to spike with homes listed in January to February, this is largely due to the Parade of Homes here in St George and secondly due to sellers who wanted to get through the holidays before listing their home for sale. So, the surge in new listings is very typical for this time of year though we are about 8.6% higher when compared to February 2013. This likely stems from seller confidence in the market, realizing that it is a better time to sell than it was last year. Interestingly enough, this also tends to be our two slowest months, this year falling right in line with traditions; however I would like to point out that this was our slowest February since 2011. That said, back in 2011 we did have a higher number of active homes, and the “Months in Inventory” was higher.
St George Utah real estate housing market

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Jan. 31, 2014

Moving to St George Utah

Information on St. George, Utah

If you are considering purchasing a home in St George, then you’re probably starting online with your preliminary research and/or perhaps you are in the initial stages of planning your trip to visit St George. Here is some information that may be useful to those who are in the information gathering stage and those who are planning to visit soon.

Las Vegas to St. George, Utah

First of all, watch the TIME! This typically becomes the first line of confusion when I am meeting a client for the first time. Often, those flying into Vegas will forget the time is NOT the same in St George, we are an hour LATER. From Las Vegas to St George Utah takes just under two hours to travel by car from the Vegas Airport, however with the time change; you’ll have to add the extra hour upon arrival.

Places to stay in St. George

If you are looking for a St George hotel, here are a few that my clients have used (as well as popular choices for visitors)
• Best Western Abby Inn 435-652-1234
• Courtyard Marriott 435-986-0555
• Comfort Suites 435-673-7000
• Ambassador Inn 435-634-7930

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Jan. 30, 2014

1571 W SONGBIRD Drive St George Home For Sale

Home For Sale in SunRiver St George

SunRiver St George Aspirations floor plan for sale

1571 W SONGBIRD Drive
St George, UT 84790


Price: $339,900
MLS 13-151243

Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2
Garage: 3 Car
Square Footage: 1,916

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Jan. 30, 2014

St George Utah Market Report Including SunRiver January 2014

This article will include information for St George sales statistics (including Sunriver), a year over year comparison, 2014 St George Parade of Homes information, as well as opinions on Southern Utah Market conditions.

Active Homes Listed In St George and SunRiver

As of today, there are 1,205 residential homes ACTIVE for sale in the greater St George area (including: St George, Santa Clara, Washington, Ivins, and surrounding subdivisions). Of these active homes there are 60 homes ACTIVE in SunRiver

Sold Homes in SunRiver and St George Utah

In the past 30 days there have been 115 homes SOLD in greater St George (with 264 pending), and of this number only 7 closed in Sunriver (with 23 pending).

Of course, the most popular price range still remains at: $150,000 to $200,000. Here is an interesting chart which illustrates price range for sold homes in the past 3 months. 

Sold Homes in Sunriver and St George

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Dec. 18, 2013

SunRiver St George 55+ Market Conditions December 2013

SunRiver St George 55+ Market Conditions

SunRiver St George UtahHere is a Sunriver St George 55+ adult community market conditions and resale homes for sale report for December 2013. Sunriver is a premier active adult community located in southern Utah within St George city limits.

Homes For Sale in Sunriver St George

Currently there are 47 resale homes for sale in Sunriver, which is statistically much lower when compared to years past. In the past 3 months a total of 39 homes have sold in Sunriver with 17 of them being resale homes (note, not all new construction homes are reported to the MLS). In the previous 3 months a total of 49 had sold, so the number sold has declined a bit recently however, this is not uncommon for the holiday season.

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Oct. 24, 2013

St George Utah Real Estate Market Update October 2013

St George Utah Real Estate Market ReportLet’s take a look at the St George real estate statistics for October 2013. In this report I’ll focus on the Greater St George area, which includes St George, Santa Clara, Ivins, and Washington and this will be for residential sales, with a separate glimpse into land and lots that sold in St George (and greater St George).

Current St George Housing Market Conditions

As of today here are the conditions:
1,148 ACTIVE homes for sale
       **Of the ACTIVE homes for sale, 44 are Short Sales (yes, there are a few of those still around…but not many) and 22 are Foreclosures. This results in only 5.7% of the ACTIVE inventory being of distressed status.

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Sept. 12, 2013

St George Utah Real Estate - Buyers Agent

What’s a St George Utah buyers agent and why will I need one? This question is sometimes best answered by another question, what is a listing agent? Most people understand that a listing agent is an individual hired by the seller to not only market and sell their home, but also offer representation to the seller during the negotiation and escrow period. The listing agent has the sellers’ best interest in mind, and their MAIN goal is to assist the seller and obtain the MOST MONEY possible for the SELLER.

Why is a St George Utah Buyers Agent important?

In the St George Utah real estate market, when a seller lists their home with the listing agent, they have worked out the commission which pays for the listing agent services AND the BUYERS AGENT services (A BUYERS AGENT WILL NOT COST THE BUYER ANY MONEY in a typical transaction). Back to the question, what’s a buyer’s agent? A buyer’s agent in St George has one goal in mind as well, to achieve the best possible price for the BUYER, keeping the BUYERS best interest in mind. A well trained buyers’ agent will be savvy to the current market conditions and understand comparable homes that have sold, which they can analyze and offer a range to assist the buyer in making an informed offer based on these market conditions. Buyers agents will also be aware of inclusions the buyer is able to ask for, a listing agent will usually not point out all of these inclusions as this will affect the sellers’ bottom line.

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Sept. 10, 2013

Buying Direct From a Listing Agent

Those of you who have read my numerous articles in the past, understand my stance on real estate buyer agents. I am a firm believer that a buyer will not only receive better representation, but will also achieve a better deal when utilizing the services of a buyers agent; as opposed to buying direct through the listing agent. I was inspired again to reiterate this feeling when I received an inquiry on a property today from a buyer. Once the buyer realized I was not the listing agent, they (respectfully) told me that they have been working on their own, doing all of the legwork to find their next home. They feel that they will be able to negotiate a better deal working direct with any given listing agent. While I respect and appreciate their honesty, I have to shake my head in disagreement.

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Sept. 10, 2013

For Sale By Owner St George Utah

For Sale by Owner (or FSBO) signs are popping up throughout the St George Utah area. Seems the homeowners are becoming more determined to compete with, or eliminate the real estate Agent. Each FSBO has their reason for not using an agent. Some have had a less than pleasant past experiences with agents and feel they can do a better job at getting their property sold. Others must sell their home on their own, simply due to property values, they can not afford to pay an agent. Also there is the "experienced" home seller; they have purchased and sold before therefore they do not feel the need to share proceeds with an Agent. What ever the reason, St George home sellers are determined to act as their own agent. Here are a few tips for you FSBO sellers to consider when selling your St George home.

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Sept. 10, 2013

Bloomington Hills St George Utah


Bloomington Hills is a neighborhood within St. George Utah. It is located to the east (and slightly north) of Bloomington. In the early 80's, Bloomington was considered "the place to be" by residents. Bloomington Hills was considered more of an affordable second choice option. Now, Bloomington Hills is a beautiful, equally desired neighborhood.

Bloomington Hills is built around the city golf course, St George Golf Club, which the city took over in 1983. This course features a par 73, 18 hole course and is approximately 7,200 yards. The par 3's are said to be the most difficult in Washington County, with at least 190 yards on average. Like neighboring Bloomington, homes can be purchased (and a few lots remain) directly on the course, or you can purchase away from the golf course. Bloomington Hills has many neighborhood amenities such as parks and trails.

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